Agile, Collaborative Approach Towards Product Building

We value quality and timely deliveries. We adopt an open, collaborative, and agile methodology to ensure high quality and rapid deliveries in products/services.

Benefits You Derive


Fulfilling Customer’s Needs

Our approach helps to achieve your business requirements as per your vision and objectives.


Interactive Process

The collaborative approach helps the client to be in sync with our product development team. You get real-time updates through an online project management system. Also, the project manager is accessible through phone, email, or instant messaging.


Rapid Development

Reduced steps and larger involvement ultimately leads to cost and time savings for development and delivery.


An innovative Product or Solution

You get a secure, scalable, and quality product. We also help you with implementation and support after it.

Our Way – The Process

Requirement Analysis

Our team of business analysts and software engineers works closely with your team to understand the requirements and create user stories and solution design.

An Adept plan

We create a project plan keeping in mind the demands of the innovative solution as well as timelines.

Design, Development & Sprints

We set up a development environment and configure the project on our online collaborative project management tool. You get real-time access to the project as well as the dedicated project manager. As the project progresses, the frequent sprint meetings are held with you to get timely feedback and ensure the project objectives met.

Testing & Stabilizing

Our team of Quality Testing and Security engineers is an integral part of the project team from the very start of the project. As each sprint gets coded, the QA team tests it thoroughly for any bugs, deviations from the project scope, and security vulnerabilities. After multiple iterations, the stable sprint gets released for your review (as part of User Acceptance Testing).

Distinguished Final Product

Our deployment team prepares the production environment for deploying the stable build on the hosting servers. With our expertise in code versioning, server security and release management, we make the deployment process smooth and secured.

We provide diligent support after the implementation of the product either online or on iOS/Android stores using data analytics, bug alerts and active monitoring.

​Support and Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial to make sure your product/applications run smoothly. Once the product launches, we offer on-going support to deliver solutions to our partners. At Prolitus, we strive for higher customer satisfaction, and to achieve this, we address support requirements timely and come up with apt solutions as per the analysis.

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