Integration with Blockchain

Odoo Suit

Plug N Play Integration

Prolitus latest integrator allows seamless plug-and-play integration to Odoo, for Ethereum and Hyperledger. ERPs, like Odoo, are the central backbone for most large corporates, processing data such as Invoices, deliveries, invoices, payment instructions and purchase orders.  Integrating Odoo with Blockchain allows data interoperability for services like Trade Financing and Contract Management.

Odoo Suit

Risk-Adverse Solution with the Functionalities of Odoo

The Prolitus Blockchain Integrator has a light footprint which can integrate with latest versions of Odoo. It leverages innovative, user-friendly and attractive HTML5 type user interfaces.  Our solution utilizes API calls for the real-time integration of ERP data to blockchains.

Odoo Suit

Import Blockchain Data into Odoo

Our solution lets enterprises import any Blockchain, Smart Contract, and third-party data into the application and synchronize all data into a consolidated data model. Our API/GUI then export/render out any data element.


Integration with IoT


Analyze Odoo data with other Historical Data

Through Prolitus Odoo based solution integrated with IoT devices, re-orders and replenishment via the use of sensors and devices connected through the internet could be immediately communicated to Odoo, without the need for human intervention.


Enhance Lean Manufacturing

By integrating Odoo with IoT devices, lean manufacturing can get leaner by cutting out a lot of human interaction with machinery and data. Prolitus Odoo based solution integrated with IoT devices enables manufacturers to receive warnings and notifications when products need attention or repairing.

Relationship Management

Better Customer Relationship Management

With the integration of Odoo with IoT devices, manufacturers are better able to assess how and when products are being utilized, as well as if and when they malfunction, which makes managing customer relations less sophisticated.


Integration with Data Analytics


Analyze Odoo data with other Historical Data

Prolitus Data Analytics solution lets analysis of historical data available outside Odoo. Our solution amplifies the short term analytical capabilities of Odoo that enable you to make better decisions.

Relevant Data

Relevant Data Points for CXO’s

Our Data Analytics solution based on Odoo gives critical data points for the CXO’s to make decisions, such as profitability in a quarter compared to previous years, top selling products and services, unplanned expenses, key customer accounts, sales trend analysis, etc., to name a few.

Human Resource

Manage Human Resource

With Prolitus Data Analytics solution based on Odoo, even the Human Resource department gets the edge of analyzing the data of employee’s who are loyal and appraise them well. It enables department wise attrition tracking and compares it with previous years data.



Odoo Magento Integration

Prolitus provide Magento integration services with Odoo. Our solution utilizes Magento for the front-end of the Website and Odoo as back office application for supporting all the business processes.

Some of the features which our connector offers are:

  • Product catalog export from Odoo to Magento
  • Sale orders imports from Magento to Odoo
  • Import catalogs, categories, and products
  • Import customers information with addresses
  • Order status – canceled, pending, enqueued, started, done or failed orders.
  • Product stocks updates, based on Odoo virtual stocks
  • Import of orders by the order status in Odoo.


M-ERP is an Android app that allows access to all Odoo modules, even the custom ones. It allows you to use Android phone or tablet as a barcode scanner with a direct connection to Odoo.

The app has been integrated with professional barcode scanners and is capable of efficiently scan barcode and exchange information.


WooCommerce Connector

Prolitus WooCommerce connector is an eCommerce plugin that utilizes WooCommerce as your online store and Odoo as the backend engine. The solution saves your time by instantly entering items and inventory data from your Odoo instance into WooCommerce and automatically importing WooCommerce orders in Odoo.

Prolitus Odoo-WooCommerce connector module automates vital business processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry in Odoo. It enables seamless data exchange between Odoo and WooCommerce store.

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