Why Prolitus Stands Out Among All Blockchain In Services?

When it comes to the traditional insurance sector, onboarding, underwriting, and claims can take a huge toll. However, we at Prolitus leverage the power of blockchain to make these processes seamless. But, what role does blockchain play in the insurance sector?

Blockchain protects the insurer from fraudulent claims and optimizes risk assessment in the blockchain in insurance services. Thus, more than 80% of insurance companies are eager to adopt blockchain.

Another reason for this shift is that insurance companies need to store, verify, and process huge customer data volumes. Post that, only they release payments against the claims made.

blockchain insurance

The absence of an automated solution can lead to inaccurate claim handling and increase the scope of manipulation. Besides, it can be bad for customer relations too, as some of them have no but to work out a way with traditional sector offerings.

Blockchain links together claims data and all other valuable data sets cryptographically. It is then stored in a ledger and then copied to all other ledgers with utmost transparency.

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Features of Blockchain in Insurance Services Platform

Advanced Automation

We ensure smooth DeFi wallet integration. Both borrowers and lenders can deposit their crypto assets and also choose from a wide range of tokens and stable coins.

Simplified User Onboarding

Smart Contracts let you decentralize the platform and act as the perfect “digital” intermediary. They control the flow of funds, calculations and transactions on the platform.

Protect Sensitive Data

Lenders need to be secured in case the borrowing amount exceeds 100% of the borrowing capacity. We help you navigate those risks for you and provide a cushion against volatility in the market.

Smart Contracts To Rescue

With navigable and easy-to-use dashboards, we make way for smooth controls and improved account management for lenders and borrowers.

Claims Management

We are pioneers when it comes to safeguarding user assets and their data. You can be triple sure and leave the onus of designing your DeFi and lending platform to us.

Reporting and Analytics

We are pioneers when it comes to safeguarding user assets and their data. You can be triple sure and leave the onus of designing your DeFi and lending platform to us.

Why Choose Prolitus As Your Blockchain in Insurance Services Platform?

  • Sound Technical Expertise: Our company’s essential motto is to create the safest platform for its users.
  • Open and Sorted Approach: We work round the clock to support our users and provide the best services.
  • Unparalleled Security: We first understand your target audience, develop your project with clarity and focu, and deliver a project that seals the deal.
  • 24/7 and Stellar Customer Services: Our job doesn’t end at product launch. We help you maintain focus on growth while we handle the other parts.
  • Transparency At Core: We are big fans of blockchains and transparency. With nothing to hide, extraordinary service comes naturally to us.
  • Simplified User Interface : We design simplified user interfaces with a zero-learning curve to facilitate easier interactions on our platform.
  • Customization At Its Best: Not only do we provide customized projects, but also, enough customization options are provided for our users.
  • Integration: We implement wallet and API integration facilities as the best-integrated experience for our users.
Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of blockchain in insurance services, you can automate claims processes by verifying coverage between reinsurers and companies. Moreover, it will lower administrative costs for insurance companies.

Smart contracts in insurance are based on automation and not on third-party or central operators. They let you settle claims, verify details and cut down the end-to-end process to a great extent.

Blockchain technology enables automated analysis and data collection and makes claim processes up to 5x cheaper and 3x faster than the present stage. Thus, it can be a great gift to the traditional insurance sector.

Blockchain technology triggers the right contract and simplifies claim processing for the nominee. As the modern customer looks forward to quick solutions, the future will be blockchain-based.

Before you finalize a blockchain in services platform:

  • Make sure you read reviews.
  • Take a demo of how the platform works.
  • Have a solid understanding of your budget.
  • Doing this will help you get the best of services and settle your claims at a lightning first speed.

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