Blockchain Transport and Logistics: A Paradigm Shift

An industry that has long resisted innovation is the transport and logistics industry. While some companies have jumped on the digital bandwagon, the pace of growth is slow.

Redundant processes and old techniques are the reasons why the industry deals with inefficiencies like security threats, opaque supply chain and logistics, uncertainty, and volatility.

To solve all these issues and help transport and logistics companies embrace digital transformation, Prolitus works round the clock to look for new avenues and improve customer satisfaction. We create blockchain transport and logistics solutions that help you achieve efficiency, reduce costs and spend more time on improving customer services.

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Whether you are starting out or have spent years in the business, we can help you digitize and make your transportation process transparent by integrating blockchain into your existing operations.

Our solutions are mission-driven, and our team of experts has extensive domain knowledge that lets us deliver excellent outcomes and enables you to accomplish your business goals.

More companies in the transport sector are realizing that the status quo is no longer worth it. Thus, they are betting high-stakes on blockchain to accelerate their growth, gain better visibility, achieve real-time access to data, and expedite product delivery. So, if you are still waiting for the right time to take your business a level up, it is now!

Take that leap and stay miles ahead of your competitors by integrating blockchain in your transport and logistics operations.

Payment Automation with Smart Contracts

The self-executing contracts on the blockchain will let you settle transactions on an instant basis. For example, a smart contract will release funds after verifying the necessary shipping documents. Thus, you can get paid instantly and eliminate long manual processes.

Reduced Thefts and Minimization

Smoother KYC processes help minimize instances of fraud and protect your goods from getting into the wrong hands. Your supply chain remains safe, and the records are validated only with the consensus of all participants. The best thing is that you can track a document back to its original version and, if the need be, restore it as well.

Performance Monitoring

Our blockchain-based solutions let you track delivery performance via smart contracts. You can also monitor the performance history of carriers and suppliers and their vehicles. This will help logistics companies make better decisions and improve their supply line to a great extent.

Monitoring Freight Capacity in Real-Time

Blockchain-based devices can easily stream data, and when it is combined with external data such as traffic or weather, algorithms can be used to check for the best cargo routes and also cut the costs of delivery. Also, freight capacities can change throughout the day, and you can track shifting capacity demands in real-time.

Blockchain in Transport and Logistics: Benefits Offered By Prolitus

Blockchain runs in our blood, and we have a keen interest in the transport and logistics sector. From immutable transaction records to better coordination and efficiency and provenance to seamless supply chain processes, we help you achieve it all!

Enhanced Security

You can easily get access to all transaction-related information via a secure, private, and transparent ledger. This will help you cut down on fraud, have clear contract terms, and make records tamperproof. Besides, both parties will get real-time updates on supply chain processes.

Digitized Data

With blockchain transport and logistics solution, you can cut down on the need for laborious and time-intensive paperwork with digitized data stored on the blockchain. Say goodbye to malicious activities and yes to increased trust among participants.

Improved Logistics Management

Get access to 360-degree visibility across the entire supply chain and track the location of goods with ease. Stay prepared for emergency circumstances with advanced tracking capabilities.

Smoother Industry Interactions

Make way for smoother and transparent interactions between consumers, suppliers, freight forwarders, and key stakeholders. When all the parties have access to a single source of truth, there will be better dispute resolution and increased trust among all parties.

The Future of Blockchain in Transport & Logistics

The global blockchain in the transportation and logistics market is estimated to grow by $888.97 million during the period 2021-2025 at a CAGR of 49.93%.
Here are some other things you can look forward to:

  • The use of blockchain in Cargo is projected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2021-2025
  • More SMEs will use blockchain for their freight and logistics and make it a part of their internal operations as well.
  • Smart contracts will remove the need for middlemen and pave the way for financial transparency.
  • Blockchain will become the basis for smoother customer experiences and getting access to the best analytics and reports.

Our blockchain-based transport and logistics solutions help you achieve process efficiencies and excellent outcomes.

Why Choose Prolitus As Your Blockchain Transport and Logistics Partner?

Joining hands with Prolitus means saying yes to real-world experiences, embracing digital transformation, and excellent management.

  • Sound Technical Expertise : Our team of experts will help you develop a clear roadmap, deliver on your commitments, and even build a dedicated community.
  • Accelerated Development : We work on your customers’ pain points, develop a comprehensive roadmap, work with flexibility, and deliver products well before time.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: We don’t wash off our hands once we deliver our products. With top-notch post-delivery services, all you need to do is focus on your core business operations.
  • Outcomes That Last: We create products that stand the test of time, efficiency and provide excellent ROI.
Frequently Asked Questions

Using blockchain, companies can build a scalable and easy-to-use solution for data authentication and order tracking. You can easily check on the supply chain and see how your items are being transported, and resolve any issues on an immediate basis.

Improved technology can massively increase productivity across the supply chain, reduce costs, and eliminate errors. This, in turn, can leave an everlasting impact on trucking, shipment tracking, international transportation, and supply chain management.

Blockchain in trucking and commercial transportation is done to streamline documentation and pave the way for transactional transparency across the freight landscape. It also lets logistics companies enhance efficiency, agility and innovate across supply chains. Thus, blockchain plays a key role in solving the pain points of the freight and delivery sectors.

    While there are many reasons for the same, a few of them include:

  • Streamlined documentation
  • Smoother compliance
  • Eliminates the need for intermediaries
  • Reduces costs and time spent
  • Transparent operations and increased customer satisfaction

Once anything is added to the blockchain it is impossible to tamper or counterfeit it. So, one of the best use cases of blockchain is serving as an ownership verification tool. Besides, you can also store ownership records on the blockchain.

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