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Know How to Increase Conversion Rate by 30% in a few days… No Kidding!

Conversion rates – isn’t it the most significant and debated topic when it comes to digital marketing? Or, boosting website traffic?

From time to time, we hit the click button and take chances with our campaigns, to achieve goals and increase sales. It’s lucrative right, but honestly most of us have no idea about what’s working and what’s not.

Of course, there are many Key Performance Indicators(KPIs), to know the ranking and traffic a campaign has generated, but if none of the KPIs track the conversion, the utility of campaign is highly diminished.

According to searchengineland – only 58 % of AdWords accounts track conversions, rest 42% have no idea whether their campaign is hitting it right, or not!

There are a few common mistakes we commit during Conversion Rate Optimization, and it decreases the conversion rate of campaigns. If we keep these parameters in check, it’s just a matter of days before our conversion rate could improve by 30 percent. Let’s talk about them in detail –

Tracking Conversions

We all track the conversion rate through google analytics, but have we observed a simple thing, the rate doesn’t go beyond 10 % generally.


Because most lack in optimizing the conversion rate, and focus on lesser important targets, rather than those that actual matter; ones which help make a decision (closed sale).


google analytics

There are instances where people do not fill the form (a common way to track conversion) and instead, call. If the call tracking has not been implemented, the campaign success cannot be assessed properly. An effective optimization requires checking all the data, to declare the fate of the campaign.

A/B split Testing

An efficacious way to check conversion is by splitting your page into two alternate versions with different design and content. The different options (A and B) are then uniquely exposed to different customers. Now we can easily check which one’s giving higher rate and should be kept.


How – through Optimizely software, Google content analytics, or alternatively through digital marketing service, from a reputed company.

Sales Funnel

Most of us do not consider that a user might not be on our website to purchase, he may be there to just read about the product, know more.

Bombarding them with trials, and too many irrelevant actions to buy the product could irritate the user, and the result – he or she, leaves the website.

A proper behavior pattern should be observed to increase the conversion, and the most traditional amongst them is sales funnel. It is divided into four stages, where first a customer is first made aware of the product, then one gets to know about interesting facts about the product, in next stage one developes a desire because of the information provided in previous step. At last, the final stage is of conversion – the purchase.


How to implement-

As of today, a user’s journey may or may not be linear according to the traditional sales funnel. There’s a need for marketing and sales team to work closely to analyze how a user which is potential customer goes through these stages, and then develop a sales funnel accordingly.

Another way is through free trials, they tend to attract customers and gain their loyalty, and one could focus on customer retention through mails.

Value proposition

When a user browses through your website, he wishes to know what’s in it for him on the website.

Are there any benefits?

And most importantly, why should he purchase your product, when there are a plethora of other online stores selling the same product?

Value Proposition is the answer you have been looking for. It demands something unique, to differentiate you from the competitors and engage users. It’s extremely beneficial to increase conversion rate. A good way to check it is through A/B testing.

How do we achieve it?

Through –

  • Pinpointing the aspect of your service that benefits users the most.
  • Complete information about the product or service including FAQs, support etc
  • Testimonials of existing customers to generate trust.


We all just love offers, it’s an effect way to attract traffic and increase brand following, which ultimately leads to conversion.

Don’t we all click on offers showing a free pizza, every time they pop up?

Are you ready to increase your conversion rate?

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