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Is Mobility Important for your Business?

The world’s on mobile, where are you?

Is mobility important for your business? This is no more a question that needs a detailed response. The latest report by comScore clearly shows that the mobile usage has surpassed desktops by leaps and bounds.


comscore report


The customers today are on the move and needs ready access to information, infotainment, products and services. Smartphones and tablets enable the customers to have this at their fingertips.

There are primarily two major type of mobile apps based on the mobile platform – iOS (for Apple iPhones and iPads) and Android. There are some other platforms like Microsoft and Blackberry but they have insignificant market share. If you are looking for customer facing mobile apps, it is important to have apps for both iOS and Android platforms. But you can always start with one depending on popularity and usage of your target customer base.

Mobile Apps Data- Prolitus

Benefits for your Business?

The mobile app helps you reach your customers and improve brand visibility. As per the given report, the customers are accessing your company details, products and services more through smartphones than desktops. Some of the distinct benefits for you are:

  • Branding: Mobile apps gives a brand perception to your customers that you have opened all channels of communication and it is much easier to work with you or buy your products/services. Once a customer has downloaded your apps and retain in her phone, you can count that customer as loyalist and influencer.
  • Accessibility: Mobile apps helps you reach your customers through push notifications. You can create personalized messages and offers for your customers and push directly to them. You can also take instant feedback and complaints helping you improve your offerings.
  • Conversion: Mobile apps help you convert more customers or sales as apps reduces the time between customer’s buying decision and actual buy. You can connect and reconnect with your interested customers with immediate offers and help through push notifications.
  • Efficiency: You can have mobile apps which helps in workflow management and business automation. It can be used by you, your employees and partners like vendors to manage business processes. For example, Prolitus built an app for a Toy Manufacturer to manage the salesforce.
  • Promotion: Mobile apps provide easy way for your customers to share your information, product or service with other potential customers. You can also use gaming apps to reach your customers.

Benefits for your Customers?

Once you have a customer facing mobile apps, your customers can accomplish a lot through it depending your business like:
  • Connect with you
  • Browse your catalogue
  • Buy your product or service
  • Request for quote
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Get alerts and offers
  • Send feedback or chat in real time
  • Save and share items of interest

As you have seen, mobile apps is of paramount importance to your business. If you haven’t got an app or still contemplating on it, feel free to connect with one of our specialist for a Free Consultation.

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