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“LOGISTICS IN REAL-TIME” – How a Mobile App can Aid a Logistics Company?

To answer this question first we have to understand the Logistics Industry around Globe and in India. According to a recent study by Novonous, the current worth of Indian Logistic Industry is around $300 billion and it is expected to grow around at a CAGR of 12.17 percent by 2020.

One of its closely related industry, e-commerce, is expected to reach $220 billion by 2025 (Report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch). Most of the top notch e-commerce companies like Amazon thrive on the concept of “Same-day” delivery in order to provide better services than their competitors. And how this is made possible? With the help of real-time tracking and reporting of Logistics.

Let’s analyze some key Pain areas of Logistic Companies


Logistics Companies- Prolitus

So to be competitive in Market, Logistics Industries need to adopt technology solutions which can help them to track trucks so that they can reduce operational cost, increase efficiency and minimize the chances of error.

And for this purpose, a Mobile App does the job best!

In fact, Logistics Industry is one those industries which have adopted the Mobile App technology for real-tracking and reporting early and swiftly.


Some of the key functions which a Logistics Industry can perform using a Mobile App are:

1. Automation of existing paper-based processes
2. Dynamically track vehicles and the cargo
3. Flexible delivery process
4. Vehicle Fleet Management
5. Asset Tracking

Recently, renowned IT players like TCS have opted for Mobile Apps for tracking their trucks.

Another example would be Grocermax, an online grocery store whose business processes got completely transformed on switching to the mobile apps for logistics and delivery. Prolitus developed an elaborate ERP mechanism that sustained their business even in harsh times.


Areas of Logistics Where Mobile Apps helped Grocermax:


grocermax- prolitus

In today’s competitive scenario, it has become imperative for a logistics company to develop a Mobile App for real-time tracking and reporting.

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