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Is Odoo ERP an Answer for SMBs Growth?

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) has evolved as a necessity for efficient management of enterprise data. The rising adoption of ERP software, especially with SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses), owes to its ability to streamline business processes, integrated under one software, which increases the speed and reduces error in managing enterprise data.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) forms a major part of the economic sphere of the world. An ERP software helps these companies to simplify information management and enrich business interactions. It obviates the need for buying individual accounting, human resources, and purchase management systems, over which ERP has tremendous benefits.

Open Source ERP has come up as available option for effective information management and efficient decision making. The rising prominence of Open Source can be summed by the Forrester Research report “Development Landscape: 2013” that shows 76% of developers have used open source networks at some point in time.

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Odoo is one such Open Source ERP, which is popular for integrating advanced features in ERP management and is revolutionary for SMB’s. Let’s deliberate on why-

FIRST: Benefits of an Open Source ERP

  • Free Owner Ship
  • No license Fee
  • Less deployment time
  • Available with decent customization
  • Real time data
  • Mobility, never an issue
  • Easy to access
  • Regular Updates
  • Continues Community Support and Development
  • Decent Security
  • Feasible for employees
  • Sustains Future Growth

SECOND: Why ODOO above other options?

Odoo is an open-source software to integrate processes like accounting, finance, human resources, information management, inventory, purchase, and other applications under one software. It is the most popular open-source software and is trusted across different industries.

A Cost-Effective Option

With easy deployment, no license fee, and less maintenance cost, Odoo can be subscribed on the monthly or yearly basis, for which the cost is significantly lower than what one pays for other ERP’s. A viable option for SMB’s

Fit for different Verticals

Whether it’s fleet management in the transportation industry, purchase or inventory management in the warehouse, maintenance of patient records in the healthcare industry, Odoo enables to manage data and sustains business processes across different industries.

Simplifies Customer Relationship Management

Managing customer relationship (CRM) can never get easier than it is on ODOO. One could easily manage customer data, import contacts and perform a variety of other CRM functions. Odoo provides wings to salesforce for higher capabilities.


Odoo offers large customization, that fits a business requirement and solves business purposes.

Large Resource Availability

Available in over 2400+ modules, one gets to choose from a large variety according to requirements in Odoo.

Worldwide Community

Odoo is a community platform with open-source coding, where different developers from across the world enhance the software with regular upgradation. Together, the whole community supports and develops Odoo into a powerful ERP application.

Rated as the best Open Source Network

According to infoworld.com (by IDG), Odoo has been consistent on the list of top 5 best open source applications.

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Isn’t it exactly what SMB’s require for growth?

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