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Google Penalty Recovery – How Prolitus Boosted Organic Traffic for a leading SME Loans Provider

Google has been quick with updates, and with the recent Penguin update, it has clearly stated the intention of penalizing websites using presently known ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques to increase rankings. Being penalized by google can absolutely kill your rankings in SERPs and leads to a drastic downfall in business. This could be summed up by the famous case of lyric site Rap Genius being penalized, where it failed to recover business after google penalty.

So What exactly is a Google Penalty?

In order to refine the quality and experience of the users, google penalizes websites if they fail to adhere to webmaster guidelines for SEO practices. The penalty is in a form of negative impact on page rankings, which could come down to as low as Zero. Google has been consistent with its updates and since 2012’s Penguin update, it penalizes website on the basis of manual and algorithmic errors.

Reasons why Google penalizes a website?

Activities mentioned below leads to penalization of Websites. These could be a by-product of a recent update or a deliberate action to increase search rankings.

  • Buying/Renting links to manipulate Page Ranking
  • Excessive Reciprocal Links
  • Overusing H1 tags
  • 404 errors in Internal pages
  • Duplicity in Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Anchor text overuse
  • Excessive links from another language site
  • Keyword Domains
  • Using Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Robot.txt flaws
  • Links to suspicious/low-quality sites
  • Meta Data duplicity
  • Guest Blogging
  • Hidden links
  • Spam Commenting
  • Excessive outbound links
  • Irrelevant guest blogging

So, the question that looms over every business mind –

Is google penalty a Dead End?

Absolutely not!

Prolitus helped a leading online SME loan provider with a huge market in U.S. to recover from google algorithmic penalties, commonly known as Penguin. The client, in a quest to boost their rankings, speeded their SEO backlinking process by compromising on the factors like quality and relevance. A penalty was leveraged by google in the form of removal of keyword ranking, organic traffic,and search engine visibility, which adversely affected their overall business.

Prolitus deployed following solutions for Client’s Penalties Recovery

  • Rigorous research to find all the vulnerabilities: The first step was to arrange and analyze all the backlinks for the site using analytical tools. This helped in planning the action for recovery.
  • Removal of irrelevant links: After analyzing all the backlinks for the client’s website, Prolitus manually removed all the malicious and irrelevant links and initiated a process for link removal by placing a request on sites where manual removal was not possible.
  • Anchor text optimization: Correct distribution of targeted as well as non-targeted anchor texts on the website.
  • Keyword enhancement to counter stuffing: A complete keyword optimization for the site was conducted.
  • Quality link building: Links on high ranked and quality websites.
  • Refreshed content on Site to remove duplicity.
  • Rectification of robot.txt flaws.
  • Use of Disavow tags and no follow tags.


After continuous and dedicated efforts by Prolitus, the client observed a steady increase in the organic traffic, keyword ranking, page sessions and other such factors, which ultimately profited the business.

Increased search engine ranking for Keywords


34.70% Decrease in Bounce Rate for the website


23.82% in Page Views and  47.95% increase in Page Sessions


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