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Odoo for Restaurants – Now Manage Your POS Seamlessly

We all know that Odoo is that one platform which has brought together ERP, Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources , and “what not” on a single platform. When it comes to POS management, the Odoo developers have really fit themselves into the shoes of the restaurant owners. They have dig deep down into the pain areas of restaurant management to implement and develop various elements in the Odoo software which would enable a restaurant owner to tackle the toughest of situations with ease and provide best quality services to the customers.

Odoo helps a restaurant owner in managing customer’s journey, right from when they enter restaurant, till the time they pay for the bill and follow them up for building Loyalty, later.


Multiple Floor, Many Tables – Odoo is the Answer

When it comes to Table Management, Odoo follow the theory of minimalist design. The interface of the Odoo is so clean and simple to use that any restaurant can utilize this software to easily manage the inflow of the customers on the go and utilize the space available in the restaurant to the best, with the help of Graphical Editor. You can also manage the inflow of guests in the restaurant, keeping in mind seats availability.



Take Order Only for the Items that are Available

Odoo provides user friendly interface for taking orders which can be accessed over mobile and tablets. Waiters can take customer orders directly on this interface which is connected directly with stock inventory. So, a situation in which a customer orders something, and then gets disappointed when he hear back from the waiter that the food item can’t be prepared, is avoided. The order list gets reflected on cook’s screen, who can update the status of the order from time to time. What’s more! With a printer installed at the Kitchen, the order gets automatically printed in the Kitchen too, eliminating any chances of miscommunication.

Here are some other features:


Payment Method of Customer’s Choice

With Odoo, you can give your customers various payment options. Credit Card, Cash and Cheque are readily available payment methods. Other payment methods can be added as well. Payments are directly linked with Odoo Accounting, making book keeping efficient and error free. Even if you are not connected with internet, orders made offline gets automatically synchronized when you come online.

Some other features are, but not limited to


Keep you Loyal Customers Happy and Increase Footfall

Odoo allows you to keep track of your customers by simply adding their email ids and contact addresses. You can offer them discounts and reward loyalty points, by allotting them loyalty cards. You search for a certain customer with in-built search feature or even by barcode printed on the loyalty card.

Odoo Consulting from Prolitus

After wooing small businesses with its user-friendly interface and relevant modules, Odoo is now gaining popularity with SMEs too. To tap this opportunity, Prolitus has invested in the best talent and cutting edge technology for developing customized Odoo solutions to suit the requirement of different client from various industries. Our dedicated Project Managers make sure that product delivered perfectly matches your business needs. With the best in class after sales support team, we aspire to build long term mutually beneficial relations with our clients.

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