Digital Marketing for a Modest Islamic Clothing store


The client is an online store that sells Modest Islamic clothes. They were searching for a digital marketing agency that could help them to productively boost their marketing strategies and efforts, lowering their CPA, maximizing their sales, maximizing their organic traffic and compete for head to head with the other contemporary brands who offer modest fashion in the market. All in all, they wanted to be the niche when it comes to Islamic modest fashion.

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1.Combine SEO and paid marketing efforts to ensure long-term digital marketing success.

2.Raise brand awareness among the mass consumers of Islamic clothing outside India.

3.Create and market attractive content marketing strategies for modest fashion-centric niche that will provide measurable ROI.

4.Boost organic search traffic and sales by on-site optimization.

5.Build strong authoritative backlinks among different fashion-centric website.

6.Increase sales lowering the total CPA.


The online store targets in over 68 countries all over the world.

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What We Did

1.Gripping our paid search expertise, we developed many new campaigns targeting different countries and tested new ad copies which resulted in higher CTR.

2.For even better results from paid media, we restructured the online store’s AdWords account in a granular way, optimized for the time of the day, location and device which resulted in massive increase in sales & revenue and also lowered the CPA.

3.Integrated off-site content marketing strategy across famous fashion bloggers and vloggers. This strategy helped in generating better results in terms of brand awareness and keyword rankings of few keywords.

4.We included the store’s main business keywords effectively across various website elements like content, navigation, URL structure, internal linking which resulted in raised SERP rankings and surge in relevant organic traffic (revenue generated by organic traffic increased as a result).

The Results

We started the project early in 2014, and within a span of one year, we were able to achieve significant results owing to our consistent SEO and content marketing activities.

Current rankings for some of the keywords:


Rankings in May 2014

Rankings in August 2016

Buy Abaya Online 30 1
Buy Jilbab Online 26 1
Abayas Online 55 1
Islamic Thobes 22 1
Islamic Tunic 34 2
Islamic Clothing for Women 29 2
Islamic Skirts 10 1
Abaya for Kids 51 1
Buy Islamic Clothing 32 1
Mens Islamic Clothing 23 1
Abaya 17 2

SEO Result

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PPC Result

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