Odoo Smoothly Integrates Multiple Departments of a Group of Schools


A leading education society, one of the best center of study in Uttarakhand, India has multiple schools running in northern part of India. Established in the year 1994, it has only a single central accounts department in the head branch. The transactional records of all the schools are stored and managed from this central location.

Despite using multiple software to streamline their processes, it was not able to coordinate activities between different departments at different locations and create synergy. With further expansion of their schools, it was becoming more & more difficult to coordinate and track activities.

Some of the key problems faced were


Tracking of the students whose fees is pending in different branches and send alerts according.


Integration of payroll and leaves management system.


Tracking of the students whose fees is pending in different branches and send alerts according.


Tracking and managing various activities such as fleet, transportation, on-ground research etc.


Single reporting database for multiple schools.


Managing accounts of multiple

The education society contacted Prolitus in October 2016 and asked Prolitus to analyze their business needs and the feasibility of implementation of a solution that incorporates various departments of multiple schools in a single platform. After a quick analysis and budget estimation, Prolitus began implementation of Odoo with a very tight deadline. The project was to be completed by 1st of January 2017, including the data migration, which meant that they only had 3.5 months to get everything done.


Like any other school, the workflow of their schools is quite standard, starting from the pre-admission activities, admissions, classes, and exams. The initial implementation included Odoo Accounting and CRM.

Odoo Accounting ensured that when an admission happens in any of the school, an appropriate invoice is generated based on admission criteria and fees paid, and the information is immediately available to the head branch.


The pre-admission activities, such as on-ground research and the leads generated from them were handled via modified Odoo CRM.

Other modified modules of Odoo which were developed.

  • Library Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Report Card Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Exam Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Admission Management
  • Termination Management
  • Fees Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Health Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Activity Management


The education society is currently using more than 20 Odoo modules to cover all their activities. The decision to implement Odoo was taken quite rapidly, which was largely based on the way Odoo performed as a complete solution, and provided them with a fully integrated and centralized system, covering most of their needs. A lot of customizations were added to cover their specific requirements such as on-ground activities.

Post implementation various departments which are essential from employee perspective i.e. teachers and other staff, such as HR, Leaves, Payroll and Time Table were completely integrated. So, if a teacher applies for a leave via Leave Management module, he/she would have to assign a substitution teacher and this will reflect in the time table of both the teachers. Plus, this would also reflect in the payroll and accordingly, salary can be prepared by the accounts team based on the leave policy.

8% of the leads gathered were converted to admission compared to previous 3-4%

The time required for reconciliation of invoices of different schools was decreased from almost 2 months to few days.

Better bookkeeping, in accordance with the standards and Improved financial controls.

Improve financial accounting inspection and management.

Improved descision-making through the results of data integration and reporting.


The education society is now able to coordinate activities between different departments and create synergy. Their accounts department are monitoring all transactions from the head branch and can generate reports for all the schools as a whole or for a specific school for better analysis and decision making.

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