A Blockchain-based

Cryptocurrency & Wallet developed

for Health Care Marketplace

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Client approached Prolitus with the idea of creating a healthcare ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology. Their main concern was centered around:


Increasing Privacy & Security

We help you build a POC (proof of concept) or full distributed blockchain-based application (Dapps – Decentralized Application) for web or mobile based on the defined use case.


Digitizing and Expediting the Processes

Their main objective was to expedite the exchange of information by digitalizing thewhole process involved in the selling of the healthcare products and services.


Improving Transaction Speed

They wanted to increase the rate of the transaction and reduce the time required inprocessing transactions.


Transparency & Authenticity

They wanted to offer in-depth details about the products andservices from the customer’s perspective. And the assurance of the authenticity of these products/services.


Easy Exchange

An option that facilitates easy exchange of the cryptocurrencies for availing the products and services was another requirement.

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Fresh Blockchain Development

We developed a fresh Blockchain by forking the open source Litecoin Blockchain code. It ensures that the transactions made are immutable since all the transactions are aggrouped and commemorated in blocks,then coupled to the last block in the chain. Each transaction is verified using consensus.

It eliminates the involvement of third-party intermediaries and eradicates the possibility of unknowing customers to spend the same money more than once(double spending).

Some of the features are as follows:

CMD Base58 Encryption

The use of CMD Base58 (modified Base58 Cryptography Encryption) has enhanced thesecurity by increasing the standard encryption. It makes the application less prone to attacks.

Connectivity tool

Incorporation of connectivity tool makes the authenticity factor full-proof since it matches thesource connected with the upcoming binary of peer.

Maximum level of Debugging and Transparency

Highest level of transparency and debugging is achieved by offering the customers an opportunity to use the maximum level of ‘login’ that ranges between 0 to 5.

Blockchain Explorer for in-depth detail:

Full detail of the information related to the healthcare products such asmanufacturing, origin, expiry and the cost associated, made available to the customers via the Blockchain Explorer.

Amazon VPC and Load balancers:

The use of Amazon virtual private cloud makes the ecosystem of the application well-controlled and load balancers improves the overall responsiveness and availability by reducing the individual server load, preventing any one application server from becoming a single point of the server.


Enhance Customer Experience:

Incorporation of WalletD along with Desktop wallet facilitated the customers to easily exchange their cryptocurrencies without any restriction of place and number of users.

Easy to Mine Cryptocurrency

A large number of people can mine CMD due to its CPU and GPU minable feature.

Increased Number of Transaction

The number of transaction has increased since now the customers have more options to
pay for availing medical services.

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