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We have Developed robust, cutting-edge and state-of-the-art security token platform for token development, issuance and management.


Key Features

Unlike utility tokens, security tokens have some additional features that set them apart from others. With their unique set of features, they offer buyers with better options w.r.t shareholder and financial rights such as the following:

  • User Categorization: retail, accredited, etc
  • Payouts: dividend, interest, royalties
  • Voting Participation
  • Security Lock-ins(Vesting)
  • Dispute Management


Our Tokens

Security tokens developed by Prolitus offers features related to governance of assets and asset ownership rights. These features are written on a smart contract, which automates the entire process of governance by reducing pointless disputes that might arise from different explanations.

Different assets that could be represented by security tokens include the following:

  • Bonds
  • Funds
  • Right to Property
  • Company shares

Utility Tokens Vs. Security Token

Utility Token

Utility tokens are digital cryptocurrency tokens that can be used for purchasing goods and services offered by the cryptocurrency issuer. The main purpose of these tokens lies in unlocking the utility of a particular platform rather than for investment purpose.

If you are interested in issuance of utility tokens, please get in touch with our STO Advisory Services.


Security Tokens

Security tokens are blockchain-powered cryptographic tokens that encompass the characteristics of security. These tokens signify the rights of the holder within an issuer company (e.g., stock rights and stock distribution).


Since, these tokens are regulated financial assets, those involved in any regulated activity should seek legal assistance. Security token advisory services offered by Prolitus is limited to token issuance and doesn’t provide any legal support.

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