Our Expertise in Crypto Wallet Development

A cryptocurrency wallet allows users to securely store crypto-assets while also processing thousands of real-time transactions. Cryptographic encryption is used to make transactions highly secure; wallets use private and public keys to store crypto tokens. Crypto wallets use blockchain technology to provide security, making transactions safer and faster. These wallets assure you that the coins they hold are yours and can not be compromised in any way. These features necessitate the use of a crypto wallet by cryptocurrency users.

Prolitus provides comprehensive crypto wallet development services to help businesses launch their crypto wallets. We use our extensive experience and understanding of the wallet market to ensure the core blockchain implementation remains adaptable for any coin. Create a fantastic white-label crypto wallet experience for your company. Our wallets are not only equipped with various security features but are also protected by cutting-edge technologies that will help you advance in your trade. Given that cryptocurrency is the future, we equip our wallets with cutting-edge technology. Our many years of experience and solutions based on design thinking have helped us become the best company for developing crypto wallets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Web Wallet Development

With our web wallet service, you can employ a wide variety of payment methods while ensuring complete security for your customers. By doing so, we increase the level of security enjoyed by your customers to the transaction. We will assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of the many sorts of tokens and transactions.

Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Our mobile cryptocurrency wallets are tailored to your business requirements and are extremely secure. Customers appreciate the ease with which QR codes can be used for transactions. We encrypt cryptocurrency mobile wallets with a password that protects them from malware attacks.

Desktop Wallet Development

We at Prolitus work hard to ensure that our clients have access to a powerful and highly secure desktop wallet that can be used to increase the speed and volume of their transactions even further when they are not connected to the internet. This method is more secure than using a mobile wallet or an online wallet.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

When it comes to storing multiple currencies in a wallet, you must be extremely cautious about the algorithm’s operation. You can be more diverse in your trading with a multi-currency wallet. And with this ability, you can be both inclusive and precise about trades.

NFT Wallet Development

You can be confident that Prolitus has taken every precaution while creating a non-fungible token. Because of the scalability that we have achieved, it is possible to incorporate your product into this structure quickly. We pay attention to the subtlety of this mechanism and make it more practical and user-friendly.

DeFi Wallet Development

We design DeFi wallets based on your company’s specific specifications. During the development of this system, we will ensure that you become acquainted with the functionality and gain excellent command over the entire system. Our solutions also bring a broader scope of profitability to your business.

Security features of the Prolitus Cryptocurrency Wallet include:

Everything, from the distributed ledger to end-to-end encryption, is integrated in a decentralized manner, to achieve optimized results easily.

  • Two-factor authentication : We enable 2-factor authentication depending on your wallet type to ensure the security of each account.
  • Auto denial of duplicate payments : Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems don’t offer charge-backs, this is an essential feature. A new public key is generated automatically for each new transaction. This feature makes it hard for fraudsters to trace the ownership of coins.
  • Optional Session Logout : If the user is inactive for an extended time, the session is automatically terminated. This increases the safety of users’ accounts and funds.
  • Multi-Signature Support : When a withdrawal request is made for more than the maximum amount the wallet owner has set, the multi-signature feature lets the wallet owner choose up to two co-signers to approve the request.
  • Biometric Authentication : When a user asks to transfer crypto assets, they are verified using biometric security, like their face or fingerprints.

The Advantages of Using a Cryptocurrency Wallet in Your Business

Initially, the blockchain was all about transparently documenting cryptocurrency transactions. Things have changed today. Blockchains are currently associated with a plethora of solutions in addition to cryptocurrencies. The expansive range of use cases necessitates safe and transparent transactions, which led to the creation of blockchain wallets. A breakdown of the benefits of the crypto wallets is listed below.

  • Transactions are processed quickly at low-cost gas fees.
  • Crypto wallets shield decentralized currencies from inflation.
  • Multi-factor authentication increases user credibility.
  • Due to blockchain technology, duplicate payments are automatically rejected.
Frequently Asked Questions

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys. It interacts with various blockchains to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.

  1. Hardware Wallets – These are physical devices that look like USB sticks and are used to store your crypto assets offline.. They are considered the most secure type of wallet, as they are not connected to the internet.
  2. Desktop Wallets – These are software wallets that can be installed on your computer. They offer more security than web-based wallets but less than hardware wallets.
  3. Web-Based Wallets – These are online wallets that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

A multi-currency wallet is a digital wallet that can store multiple types of cryptocurrencies in one place. This type of wallet is beneficial for people who invest in multiple cryptocurrencies because it allows them to keep all their investments in one place. A multi-currency wallet also makes it easy to trade different types of cryptocurrencies. Most multi-currency wallets have built-in exchanges that allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without having to leave the wallet.

The cost of developing a cryptocurrency wallet can start at $20,000, although it depends on the functionality and features of the wallet.

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