API integration for a UK based Wedding Directory


A London based Wedding Directory approached PROLITUS to customize their design ideas in the app, and provide variety of image features as well as their optimization. Additionally there was a need for API integration to include ‘Cashback’ feature in the website.

What does the App has –

Variety of Bridal Accessories

A long list of bridal and wedding accessories from variety of brands listed into different categories.

Supplier Listing as per the location


Inner Page with pricing and Contact details

After clicking on product’s image, a user is redirected to an inner page that shows the detailed information about product, price, and contact details of the supplier.

Additionally, one might add a product to the favorites list, to track the product for future reference.

Multimedia Message feature

For further enquiry about the product, customers can click on the chat button placed beside the product and contact the supplier by sending a multimedia message, with the query and image of the product.

Cashback Offer

If a customer purchases any item from the supplier listed with the client, one is eligible to avail the cashback offer, which varies from supplier to supplier.

All you need to do is to click the receipt’s picture through the app, which is then sent to admin for approval. On successful approval, a customer’s account is credited with cashback amount which can be transferred to a bank account, once the limit reaches to £500.


Additionally, there’s a tab to read the clients magazine through ‘Read the magazine App’, which is then redirected to the default app for magazine.


  • Replacing Base 64 encoding for image updates.
  • Hi Definition image optimization in the app.
  • API integration for Cashback feature, which was our prime challenge.
  • Inclusion of end number of features.

What We Achieved

  • Through Hi Definition Image Cropping.
  • Updating Image through URL.
  • API integration with ‘Go Cardless’ for Cashback Feature.
  • An exciting app with variety of different features.

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