Education ERP Systems

Educational Institutions are the fate-decisive entities to the world, given that they mold the future not only for every student but for economies at large. Every person aims to go for primary, secondary and higher education, making educational institutions more of a perennial industry. With more and more students enrolling every year, managing the institution is becoming a tedious task. Not only the students increase, as institutions increase more staff to manage the operations, creating a bigger network with each passing year.

ERP software systems help the Educational Institutions in managing the operations way better than the traditional methodologies of management. These systems are time efficient and effective, providing ease of operations to the management. The major challenges faced by educational institutions while using the traditional methodologies include funds management, inventory management, HR, admissions, finance, syllabus and exam schedules. Educational ERP implementation comes to rescue to enable full-fledged functionality with maximum potential.

The Educational ERP Systems aid institutions in quick form compilation for admissions, with admission form and workflow, along with transfer certificate process. The modules of this system enable complete management of students, grade system, news updates, teacher & parents profile, assets, and classrooms. Management can easily create batch timetables, substitutes and manage attendance for students and staff. ERP systems enable easy creation of stats and visual reports, examination planning, result and CGPA generation, along with easy management of the transport process.

Educational Institutions are facilitated with the streamlined fee management, payroll and accounting, hostel management and financial management through ERP systems. The modules look after the effective cash flow management, report generation, tracking of ingress and egress of funds and automatic invoicing.

Benefits of ERP system in Educational Institutions include:

  • Admission and TC
  • Student and Faculty Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Assignments
  • Examinations and Report Card
  • Fleet and Transportation Management
  • Library Management

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