Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry

The Maritime Industry is an extremely vast industry with more than 95% of worlds’ trade being conducted across deep water sea ports. However, the industry is grappled with several challenges related to finance, energy, environmental issues, technology, geopolitical developments and other regulatory and legislative challenges.

Businesses involved in the maritime industry would require the necessary support to manage their projects, workforce, equipment, and financial operations while helping them make more informed decisions by providing them access to real-time information. A robust, integrated ERP solution that can support the business operations while helping them streamline all the business processes is what businesses require to enhance their competitive advantages in the global arena.

Such a solution besides streamlining their business processes can handle with ease all the business functions such as purchase, Payroll, PMS, Accounts, Crewing, Regulatory Compliance Checks, Document Verification and more. Apart from this, such a solution can aptly manage vessel-based activities such as managing schedules for ship maintenance, safety, quality, stores and procurement.

Since, all the information is readily available on a single database, businesses need not have to cut through islands of information to enhance their ability to augment their efficiency, as well as profitability.

By Integrating ERP system in their business processes, shipping companies can realize the following benefits:

  • Achieving increased efficiency in the planning and placement process by reducing operating costs.
  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and fulfill customer demands.
  • Ensure timely management of logistics involved in trade and shipping
  • Get better business insights through reliable analytics.

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