Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Solution:

Asset-intensive companies are under constant pressure to produce and deliver high quality products within small time frame while reducing equipment downtime to ensure business profitability and better customer satisfaction. This calls the need for an integrated software solution that can help organizations to view, manage and evaluate their physical assets to maximize asset performance, reduce cost of maintenance while augment operational efficiency.

Why Prolitus

Asset management solutions offered by Prolitus endow organizations with the information they require to maximize asset performance and minimize maintenance costs. With a Procure-to-Pay functionality, our solution helps businesses to record, manage and control the entire payment process across the organization. Easy to Use and Install, our asset management solution can manage everything from invoices and payments to ensuring seamless flow of data across the ERP systems to help businesses manage their purchase and spending while ensure long-term health and visibility of their supply chain.

With our Procurement Solution, businesses can track their assets across different locations. Apart from this, it provides businesses with greater control by helping them manage costs, schedule services and stock thresholds. The RFID and Barcode functionality allows for a seamless checkouts and audits. Functioning at the foremost of procurement innovation, Prolitus offers best-in-class Procure-to-Pay features in their solution that are not imitated anywhere else.

Benefits of Our Asset Management System:

Mentioned below are some of the several benefits of our asset management (P2P) system that businesses should consider using:

  • Procurement: Our asset management solution enhances efficiency across Catalog, Demand, and Purchase Order functions besides a great user experience.
  • Invoicing: Our software solutions augments productivity gains through the complete procure-to-pay process by providing easy, efficient and cost-effective invoice management regardless of the business scale.
  • Inventory Management: With best-in-class features, our P2P solution helps businesses maintain optimal inventory levels, manage allocation of assets, track cycle counts while minimize inventory costs.
  • Dynamic Discounting: Our solution allows users to select appropriate suppliers and leverage dynamic discounting offers provides by it on a day to day basis, which helps businesses to maximize saving opportunities.

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