Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Solution:

Warehouses are important part of supply chain and logistics industry and play a significant role in improving organizational profits. Besides being a storage facility, warehouses offer several other benefits that play a substantial role in ensuring that the entire supply chain system functions efficiently. To ensure warehouse success, it’ s important to maximize warehouse efficiency by reducing stock levels, avoiding stock-outs while delivering high service at low costs by automating the warehouse processes.

Why Prolitus

At Prolitus, we offer warehouse management solution that is designed to fulfill customer needs and expectations in real time by optimizing their warehousing operations. In fact, this solution scales up the basic warehouse operations of picking, packaging and delivery of goods to speeding up the transit of goods through the warehouse while allowing faultless accomplishment of all warehouse operations. This allows businesses to improve their competitive advantage by abating labor costs, improving customer service, inventory accuracy, enhanced flexibility, and receptiveness.

Our agile and innovative warehouse management system offers total cost of ownership to businesses as compared to traditional warehouse management system. Through our centralized and automated warehouse management solution, organizations can enjoy better flow of information across the organization. This provides them with better business insight, control and growth. This easy to use and scalable system also provides certain levels of control that allow users to manage resources, as well as storage space in warehouse operations. It also provides supply chain visibility along with real-time management of inventory and status of order across various warehouses of an organization.

Benefits of Our Warehouse Management System:

Below mentioned are few of the several benefits businesses derive from our CRM system:

  • Minimize inventory expenses through real-time inventory management, improved warehouse accurateness and low stock levels.
  • Better utilization of resources as warehouse processes get automated that minimizes paperwork associated with warehouse functions while ensure proper and timely flow of information and inventory.
  • Minimizes audit inventory time while track incomplete Purchase Orders. Furthermore, it also provides better visibility of receipts against Purchase Orders.
  • Increase the accuracy of the inventory records through enhanced cycle counting.

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