Website Builder

Website Builder

No More Coding

Just ‘Drag & Drop’ and you are done!

Get everything out of the box, keep adding features as your business grows like events, blogs, call-to-action, newsletter, e-commerce, customer portal, you name it, Odoo has it.


Branding the Website, The Way YOU Want

Odoo websites automatically adjust themselves as per your brand & style.

Odoo tools help your website blend into the Brand’s theme.

Website Builder

Today’s Visitor, Tomorrow’s Customer

Turn your site visitors into customers with a complete marketing stack including SEO tools, call to actions (like pop-ups, customize forms, newsletters), mass mailing, visitor tracking and A/B testing.


Utilize the Power of Apps

There are hundreds of Apps available in Odoo App Store which can be utilized to enhance the functionality of your website such as linking business features like recruitment & helpdesk, content management, e-commerce, visitors tracking, third party marketplace integrations, marketing stack of leads, chat, mails etc.




Customizable Product

Present your business in a unique way with custom designed product pages Drag & drop building blocks to build product inventory and add product attributes such as color, size, and style.


All Solutions Under One Roof

Odoo comes with an integrated eCommerce platform, so you can easily maintain inventory and sales via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Your customers can track orders and print invoices with a dedicated customer portal, all in a single window.


Enhance your Cart Revenue

Odoo helps increasing your sales with of cross-selling and upselling opportunities in Product Pages, Cart and Checkout. Suggestions & recommendations of the related products can be generated automatically, so your customers might have a look at items they might like, giving a potential chance of enhancing your cart revenue.


Get Creative with your Website

You can customize themes and product pages to fit your Brand’s specific style without the need of a designer. The fully customizable website pages of Odoo let you design a professional website by yourself.




Focus on Content and not Backend

Odoo’s blog module allow you to simply start writing. You don’t need to worry about lengthy configurations. The drag & drop feature gives the attractive design to your blog, so you can simply sit down and start writing.


Multi-Device Compatible

Now your customers can read your Blogs on any device, so you can stay close to your audience on mobile, tablet and desktop. This greatly increases the effectiveness of your blog as it can be read on any device.


Convert Visitors into Subscribers

Capture your reader’s email addresses with smart pop-ups, which appear when they are about to leave the page, increasing the chances of recurrent visitors. The smart call-to-actions in Odoo helps you boost traffic on your blogs.




One of the Best Document Management System

With Odoo slides, you can publish pdfs, images and even videos, without the need of complicated archives and the third party hosted files. You can centralize all you document on the website, sharing them with all visitors or a group. You can also secure your library of documents by setting up a private channel which can be accessed only by your employees.


Share Content on Social Media

Odoo Slides lets you share content on social media, email or by embedding content on another website. This makes your content more shareable and accessible, giving you the opportunity to showcase your content to more prospects.


Better Customer Satisfaction

A forum section will help your customers in quickly finding answers and ask questions directly. It’s better than a FAQ or a helpline. This is one of the most powerful databases for you, participated both by your customers and your employees.




Know Your Customers

You can analyze your customer’s needs by spotting most viewed/shared topics and capitalize on it. Odoo forums are integrated with Google Analytics, so you can track ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on specific posts.


Grow Your Website Traffic

Odoo forums are indexed and are findable through search engines, which improves the Rank of your website with the fresh content generated by the community. Search engines like Google, always give preference to the websites having fresh content.


Your Own Documentation Library

Use the “best answers” from your forums to develop a library of documents by promoting best answers to official documents with “Promote to documents tool”. This really helps you in developing a library of content and reducing the effort of content creation on you.


Better Customer Satisfaction

A forum section will help your customers in quickly finding answers and ask questions directly. It’s better than a FAQ or a helpline. This is one of the most powerful databases for you, participated both by your customers and your employees.


Live Chat


Facilitate the Journey of a Website Visitor in Becoming a Customer

Chat online directly to customers and visitors in real-time, without the need of configuring special chat server. Since the website users get the information quickly, there are better chances of them being converted into customers.

Be Selective

Be Selective

You can provide chat feature to the selective audience by filtering website visitors based on country and language. You can target them appropriately with the right language and tone.


Access Multiple Chat Windows at a Time

Odoo allows you to Chat from within any module, so you can keep conversation with your customers when you are looking for important information from the backend of your environment. You can give precise answers to your customers by accessing all information at the same time.


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