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We are the Architects of Aesthetic & Engaging Designs, our Focus being on Consumer centric & Compelling Interfaces of the End Products

UX and User Interface form the basic framework of the connection between humans and machines. UI and UX are closely linked and work together in tandem. Simplicity and Usability are two major factors that go in to designing a UX with UI adding the aesthetics and vibrancy to it. With its creative design UI decorates the UX in a captivating manner.

UX speaks about the user experience wherein an accumulation of tasks is aimed at product optimization for effective use and enjoyment, whereas UI is what compliments the look, feel, presentation and interactivity of a product. A great product is an amalgamation of UX followed by UI and that is what we specialize in.

Why Choose Prolitus for UI/UX Designing?

At Prolitus, we focus on User-Centered Design to create products that have a very high usability. Our product designs are very convenient in terms of usage, manageability, effectiveness and are critically mapped in accordance with the requirements of the user. Our design procedure goes through following phases:


Identify the Primary Users

We clearly state the context of use by identifying the primary users of the product, the reason of product use, the requirements, and in what environment will it be used.


Gather Product Requirements

Once the context is identified, the next step is to dive deep in the product requirements. This is a crucial procedure which can further make it easier for the designers to design storyboards, and create significant goals to make the product a success.


Craft Solution

In this phase, we develop designs based on product goals and requirements.


Test the Developed Product

Our product designers perform usability testing to get user’s feedback of the product.

At Prolitus, we observe best practices and conceptual aspects of the design process to provide an excellent user experience. Our team of designers have worked on a plethora of projects for the clients from various industries and geographies. We deliver best quality designs and engaging interfaces.

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