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How to Build a Metaverse Gaming  Platform that Attracts Users

In recent times we have seen a huge hype about the metaverse platforms and virtual reality. We all know a metaverse gaming platform is the future of the world. For Beginners, we can describe a metaverse as a virtual reality setup where people can shop, socialize, meet, play games and perform all the activities that a human can in the real world. However in the metaverse platforms, you use a 3D version of a cartoon called an Avatar which is used for interacting with the environment in the VR.

What is Metaverse?

To be honest, there is no solid ground definition of Metaverse, but if we look back to 1992 when, for the first time, Neal Stephenson, author of the sci-fi novel Snow Crash coined the term Metaverse as per him, “Metaverse is an all-encompassing digital world that exists parallel to the real world.”

Some experts also consider Metaverse as a 3D version of computing and the Internet at large as it covers almost each and everything, such as games, shopping, meeting, entertainment, etc.

 Importance of Metaverse 

In other words, it can be said that the Metaverse is a perfect blend of social media with online gaming, virtual and augmented reality and cryptocurrency, making it a complete virtual ecosystem.

Metaverse also has a strong backing of Blockchains and cryptocurrency, which are leading the Web3 transformation. Along with that, with the help of different blockchains, various different kinds of Metaverse can be created, each with a different use case.

Thus many big technology giants and investor whales are pouring their enormous amount of wealth into the development and creation of Metaverse, which has a huge potential to be the next big thing after the internet.

What is Metaverse Gaming?

As we have already discussed about Metaverse in the above section, let’s quickly understand about gaming and then move towards the concept of Metaverse gaming.

Gaming basically refers to playing 2D electronic games with the help of consoles, computers, mobile phones or any other medium, but Metaverse gaming takes it to a whole new 3D level wherein players can collaborate with their friends or anyone on the planet to play games, potentially earn rewards and enjoy a real like ecosystem from any corner of the world irrespective of the time.

Some of the astonishing features of Metaverse gaming are:

  • Play with players all around the world
  • Explore the 3D gaming ecosystem
  • Have video calls and interact with the other players through avatars

Stats Relating to Top Gaming Companies in the Metaverse

If you still think about the future of metaverse, let me brush you up with a few facts which explain why metaverse platforms are the next big thing.

Meta, yes Meta(Formerly known as Facebook), has already invested $50 million towards the growth of metaverse platforms and the growth is directly linked to give jobs to around 10,000 people in just the European Union, imagine now the impact on the world.

Similarly, a product of Gucci on metaverse was sold for $4100 more than its real world sale price. So better be ready on your journey today to understand more.

Benefits Related to Metavera Gaming Platforms

Many of you today have come here to understand more about metaverse gaming platforms, so without wasting time, let’s just hop to understand the benefits of the same-

  • Connect with people beyond boundaries, harnessing the power of the internet.
  • Getting the first mover advantage to an immersive platform which is deemed to be the future of the business world.
  • You can upgrade your social media game, by understanding the metaverse platforms and hence can derive better growth both virtually and in the real world as well.
  • Contribution to the new learning methods and also promote online learning which can benefit any backward part of the world.
  • Help in speculating the cryptos and NFTs as metaverse gaming platforms are directly linked with crypto wallets.
  • Be a contributor to the future of gaming as VR gaming is the new trend and there are not many players in the segment.

Top Gaming Platform Available in the Market:

The list never seems to provide an insight, so we have jotted down the top Gaming Platform available:

  • HyperVerse
  •  Decentraland
  •  The Sandbox 

These top players have easily beaten out Facebook Metaverse in the race because of their top performance. This leaves us with no other option to agree to the facts that metaverse gaming platforms work on you providing value to the audience and aren’t affected by the brands and you can definitely be the top player in the VR.

Steps to Make Your Own Gaming Platform

Without making you wait, let’s start understanding the process for building your own gaming platform in the metaverse. To begin with there are some prerequisites to the same, you need to have the required tools which are available in abundance over the internet, and the knowledge of coding a game, and a crypto wallet to deal in the virtual world.

Sounds easy right, but here is the big process for you-

3D World- To start you first need a 3D World so hop on to your tools and create a 3D world personalized for you. This is the world where avatars will be created and this world needs to be made in accordance to your choice and thought process of your game, so that it aligns with your goals. To build a 3D world you need to choose your platform from the available ones.

 Build Avatar- You need to now have your own character which is called avatar in the metaverse universe. This is a character which will help you move in the game, do interactions and play the game which you built.

Integrate your crypto wallet with the platform- You need to use tools available for integration of blockchain, so that it provides you an identity to operate and link yourself with your world.

Game Assets- Now once you use your tools to develop a world, you simply need to add your assets, like ammunition, cars etc depending on your game. Make sure these are very interactive and in line with the game. It is an important part of your game so make sure you develop them the best possible way for your gaming platform.

Music- Add music and theme music for your platform. Understand the music should be of high quality and be fit for all sections required. Keep a few points in mind-

  • Make sure the music matches your assets.
  • Music should be available for entry exits, storytelling etc based on your game.

Fonts- Now add fonts for your game which will reflect the type of game you have. Do a thorough research on the fonts and understand which font needs to be incorporated where.

Once you have been ready with the fonts, please make sure you do not miss out any of the fonts on the game. 

UI/UX- Make sure you develop a smooth and an interactive user experience, so keep updating the user experience and flow.

Continuously making changes as per user feedback is very important to understand glitches in the game and also to make sure the users are getting updated with new features.

Testing- This is the most important part of the game. One needs to have through testing of their games for the users.

Make sure your game doesn’t have glitches, is greatly designed and there is complaint with the flow of the game,

Also do great research on the testing of the game so that the game when it enters the market, is a great hit with the users.

But always remember you are a developer of the game which is hit only when it meets the interest of the users and is meeting the continuously changing environment requirement.

How to Market Your NFT Gaming Platform

Since you are ready with your platform and all your formalities are complete, here comes the important step to market your product and attract users to play your game.

Yes researching can be tough for the same, and trial and error methods can be just equally exhausting and can lead to draining of your hard earned money. Don’t worry, we have got that covered for you too. Keep reading ahead and understand the process of how you can use the blueprint provided to achieve scales and heights with your gaming platform.

  • Use your website to extensively market the game
  • Understand the part that the game is for the users, so, showcase it to the world that the game is based on user requirement.
  • Use digital marketing to market your product.
  • Reach out for influencer marketing. Use the big gamers of the industry and make them play your game for streaming.
  • Use Metaverse development services which will help develop a well-designed, high-result yielding and truly tailored metaverse development platform with your choice of the blockchain network.
  • Host events and shows in the metaverse.
  • Connect with brands in the Virtual reality,
  • Use aggressive sales techniques and tie up with the top players in the market.
  • Understand human behavior and use website analysis for marketing techniques.
  • Grow your channel using social media,
  • In the virtual world, buy hoarding to show your products in malls, events etc.

Do not hesitate to apply these tricks for your gaming marketing, as these are the tricks used by the top players and well researched on. You can back on them and kick-start your process. 

Do not hesitate to apply these tricks for your gaming marketing, as these are the tricks used by the top players and well researched on. You can back on them and kick-start your process.

Final Thoughts

The virtual world is world in itself, and hence all the rules to the real world apply to it. Building a game required a lot of time, effort and cost. Metaverse gaming is the new hype and it is the correct time to enter the space and enjoy the returns expected.

However, the gaming platforms are still under process and constant research is undergoing to create greater stands and integrate with VR, AR etc.

Technology is your important tool which will help you create great content and immersive gaming for your audience. Be innovative with your game, and also use the right tools to get into the metaverse world.

The metaverse world can give your gaming platform the right boost for branding of the company.

Use the tips provided and do marketing for your game, and understand it is a long and on-going process and not a one-time process so you need to keep upgrading according to the needs of the customers.

Hence, closing the day for you, feel free to use tips according to the article and do let us know how they work for you. We at Prolitus aim to help you with your start of the gaming platform in the metaverse.


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