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How To Develop Dapp On Algorand?

There have been a lot of innovations and updates in the sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain networks. Every new cryptocurrency protocol introduced into the market wants to join hands with the big leagues. Most of them want to do what Bitcoin and Ethereum did back then.

Most of them promise all those things with better upgrades but end up lacking; facing their demise. To overcome all these problems, a new variation of the network was introduced to the market, and that network was none other than Algorand.

This network did the work of refurbishing the blockchain network, making it faster, cheaper, and more efficient. 

Let us understand further how Algorand did all that and still managed to be safe, secure, and trustworthy. Starting with the basics:

What is Algorand?

In the year 2017, Silvio Micali, a computer scientist, and a professor, with his team, created one of the fastest blockchain networks, which can authorize transactions at a lightning-fast speed and that too, at a significantly cheaper cost.

It is a decentralized network created to address the blockchain’s false dilemma of achieving speed, security, and decentralization. Due to its potential environment, Algorand was considered to offer the most advanced capabilities for issuing, managing, and distributing the SOV on a worldwide scale.

Algorand has taken its place among the leading blockchain protocols that are launched with the motive to overcome numerous drawbacks that existed in the blockchain predecessors.

With near-instantaneous completion, it is one of the quickest blockchain networks, processing thousands of transactions per second and completing them in less than five seconds. In addition, the network is safe and expandable.

For a variety of blockchain development services, such as creating smart contracts or dApps, Algorand serves as the ideal ecosystem. This blog will go deep into the step-by-step process of creating and deploying a dApp on Algorand.

What makes Algorand faster and less expensive?

ALGO began the year 2021 at $0.20 and is already far above $2. Therefore, an increasing number of developers are eager to build on its blockchain and aid in its adoption.

Algorand has made a name for itself in the crypto market for charging the lowest transaction fees. ALGO is the name of the native cryptocurrency of Algorand. And, ALGO costs roughly 0.001 per transaction, which comes to less than a cent. This makes it ideal for DeFi and for gaming usage. The capacity of this blockchain is 1000 transactions per second.

In contrast to Bitcoin or Ethereum, block finality occurs after a single block. This implies that you don’t need to wait for block confirmations to ensure your transaction isn’t part of a fork.

The current success of Algorand fits with the global mindset toward carbon neutrality and ESG norms. Algorand aspires to be the most environmentally friendly blockchain on a carbon-negative network.

With 0,000008 kWh/transaction based on a network of 4,000 validators, Algorand is already well on its way. These figures stand in sharp contrast to Bitcoin (930 kWh/txn) and Ethereum (70 kWh/txn). They are making it environment-friendly and energy saver.

What is the Proof-Of-Stake approach, and how is it beneficial?

The bandwagon on which Algorand has hitchhiked and came this far, gaining all this popularity the principle of the Proof-of-stake approach.

Algorand is a permissionless blockchain that has developed a distinctive and frictionless platform relying on five essential technological components:

Pure proof-of-stake methodology

  • “Global scale reach
  • Extensive decentralization,
  • Robust security, and assured finality.

It is the first blockchain network to offer forking-free instantaneous transaction finality.

Let us Understand How Proof-of-Stake Works

Consensus systems like Proof-of-Work depend on miners to contend with one another to solve challenging mathematical problems. The first miner to solve the challenge gets to add a new block to the cryptocurrency‘s blockchain and earns the mining reward. But mining new blocks is quite expensive, both in terms of equipment and power. Since productive mining is out of reach for the majority of people due to the high cost, mining power has become more concentrated.

When using a proof-of-stake system, token owners stake their tokens to take part in the network’s consensus process. Even while you can earn rewards by staking your tokens, this does not automatically entitle you to take part in the consensus mechanism.

What Makes One Entitled Participate in This Game?

Well, The ability to propose and add new blocks to the chain is available to every token holder with at least one Algo in their account who chooses to participate. One is more likely to be picked, the more tokens they possess.

With the help of this approach, Algorand is able to enhance the security of the network. While doing the same, it is promoting decentralization, and the best part is that it is doing all this at a faster rate with less expense per transaction.

The Algorand protocol has promised to reduce its carbon footprint. A “sustainability oracle” that verifies Algorand’s carbon impact on-chain for each epoch will be implemented by the blockchain and the ClimateTrade group to help achieve this great aim.

Creating a dApp may offer several opportunities for establishing a solid brand reputation and generating revenue.

The following are the steps one can follow to develop a Dapp in the Algorand Protocol.

  • Set up the tools and framework
  • Create the application code
  • Deploying and testing
  • Launching the app

These steps require immense knowledge about the working of the Algorand blockchain network, as this process involves coding and setting up smart contacts. This asks for the help of some experts as smart contracts, once deployed, are very hard to recall and repair.

You can follow the steps mentioned above and can help yourself in developing Dapps on Algorand, but if you are like most newcomers, it might get complicated.

Therefore, there are companies established to help you complete this task with ease and perfection.

Companies like Prolitus have expertise in developing and deploying Dpp and other crypto and blockchain-related services to their clients.

Things to Take into Account Before Choosing a Platform for dApp Development Services

A few factors that must be taken into account before choosing a platform for dApp development services are mentioned below.

Development Processes

The development process includes how solid the company has made its service to be. What is their damage-control strategy? In this, you have to analyze and understand that flexibility by reading the workings of the organization and how it will be beneficial in developing the Dapp.

Technical Processes

When creating a dApp, it is crucial to get the technical aspects right. Therefore, before forming an opinion on the job the team does, be sure to look at the projects they have completed.

To further understand their working style, ask them to demonstrate. Finally, you will require assistance to improve your services, create communities, and occasionally resolve problems. As a result, your first preference should be a platform with a staff of professionals.

Previous Work Experience

It is crucial that before selecting any service from a company to develop a Dapp on the Algorand Protocol, the previous work experience must be thoroughly examined.

This is so because if the company has already worked with someone with similar requirements, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands.

DApp Maintenance Service and Complete Support.

After the product launch, there will be a lot of work to be accomplished. You might not have enough time, though, to stay on top of product-related problems. So pick a business that helps you achieve significant results and great ROIs while providing outstanding customer care.

Why Choose Prolitus as Your Algorand Dapp Development Service? 

Although dApps have their share of issues, they offer vast future potential. Despite being at an all-time high, decentralization has not yet realized all of its promises.

As a result, dApps will play a significant part in daily life over the next ten years, pushing transactions, automation, and cost reductions to entirely new levels.

Are you looking for a cutting-edge platform that will enable you to develop decentralized applications (dApps), provide value to the market, speed up data transfer, and establish a strong brand presence?

Your best solution is Prolitus! The platform will assist you in creating a solution that is incredibly user-friendly and addresses real business concerns.


Following are the Reasons to Choose Prolitus for Dapp Development

To design goods that withstand the test of time and tide, our team of professionals finds the ideal way to combine your ideas with what is currently popular on the market.

We only work with blockchain, and we put all of our heart and soul into it. Our post-delivery service suggests that we are there for you even after your application has been launched.

Our clientele remains loyal to us because of our comprehensive post-delivery services. With a wealth of experience in a variety of blockchain development services, Prolitus seeks to create and provide clients with scalable end-to-end blockchain solutions.

Creating a dApp can offer up a variety of opportunities for establishing a solid brand reputation and generating revenue. However, not everyone will have the perfect team to make their goal come true. So join forces with us, let us take care of your dApp while you focus on your main business concerns, and together we can turn your company into a powerhouse!


Please get in touch with our blockchain specialists if you’re interested in consulting or developing dApps, smart contracts, or bespoke blockchains using the Algorand blockchain.

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