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Multichain NFT Marketplace on EVM Blockchains – Future of Democratized NFT Market

The multichain NFT marketplace platform will help to mint Non-Fungible Tokens on various platforms besides the major blockchain networks, thus ensuring the democratization of the NFT market and providing space for innovation. 

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have gained immense popularity of late in the blockchain world. Each new day brings bigger milestones that will have a significant impact on the NFT world as we know it today! NFTs are becoming a hot new asset class that has been constantly garnering attention from celebrities and art collectors all over the world. The popularity of NFTs is skyrocketing and they are headed to become a ‘mainstream’ as collectors around the globe continue to dive deep into this new commodity.

Obstacles for NFT investors

NFTs are virtual tokens that serve as certificates of ownership over digital items. Users can tokenize anything in the virtual world such as a piece of art, game asset, collectible or even real estate or a rare item on the blockchain. These unique tokens can be sold in the NFT marketplaces for millions and millions of dollars. Given how they facilitate lucrative business opportunities it is no wonder that the NFTs are capturing the interest of more and more investors. The interest in NFT investments is growing exponentially. People are interested in investing, hoping to make their fortune but the major constraint is that there are only one or two major blockchains.  There is a lack of enough NFT trading platforms or blockchains for all these transactions!

Limitations of current NFT marketplaces

The limited number of blockchains has left investments trapped on those specific platforms with the disadvantage of limited interoperability. The need for blockchain interoperability is becoming more apparent with each passing day. With the limitation of being only on one or two major blockchains, NFTs remain restricted within these boundaries and start fading away into obscurity due their lack of accessibility across different networks. As a solution to this problem, a platform is developed where NFT can be minted on multiple blockchains. 

Why is there a need for NFTs to be developed on multiple blockchains

As blockchain technology continues to grow and evolve, so too must the markets that have room for its innovations. The current lack of accessibility for smaller players has been one key factor holding back the most interesting trend – NFTs from fully realizing their potential. However, this is all set for a change with the unique system that ensures all innovation is given an equal opportunity within the crypto space. Furthermore, the development of NFTs on multiple blockchains aims to give users access where they currently don’t have it now or never had before. It would also ensure the democratization of the NFT market, facilitating the chance for every innovation to shine through in the cryptosystem.   

Overview of MultiChain NFT

It is true that the craze of NFTs has led to many business opportunities but at the same time, the popularity has also given birth to the problem of fragmentation and increased complexity. The NFT space is a vast, confusing market filled with many different coins and tokens. It is often challenging for a customer to explore the gigantic NFT universe. However, creating a multichain platform will help users to steer their way through the complexities of the NFT space. The multichain NFT blockchain project would resolve the problem of fragmentation thus helping users achieve what they have been denied- accessibility for everyone! Through the creation of a unified and trusted platform, the purpose of uniting all these disparate assets into one platform can be achieved.  

Benefits of multichain NFT development

The multichain NFT platform will help to develop Non-Fungible Tokens on various platforms, with the option for the digital asset class to exist in major blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The creation of a trusted multichain platform is done by teaming up with proficient development companies that can support all types of networks as well, thus opening up new possibilities when it comes down to deciding where your assets will live!

Multichain NFT platforms allow for the creation and circulation of decentralized blockchain applications across multiple blockchains i.e at least it should function on two major blockchains. The creation of a multichain NFT marketplace will allow users to transact and share data across multiple blockchains, thus facilitating effective and secure communication. With the option to survive on various platforms, NFTs will have many ways of being stored and accessed.

Let’s evaluate the major benefits of a multichain NFT platform

  • Provides new users with enhanced accessibility into the NFT ecosystem
  • Tears down the walls against NFT adoption among users, thus promoting its growth in the expanding industry
  • Eases the trading process with multiple-blockchain NFTs as it can be done on a unified platform
  • New users can commence trading NFTs effortlessly

Requirements for developing NFTs on multiple blockchains

The development of this Multichain platform will require a certain amount of resources both from the technological and market standpoint. The ability to integrate with different blockchain technologies is essential to derive maximum benefits. At the same time, it is necessary that the platform ensures that its internal structure remains responsive enough for our needs. It should facilitate easy on-boarding of new users into the network who want access through these NFTs platforms.

Primary blockchains Supported in the NFT Multichain

The integration with multiple best choices of blockchains into one ecosystem is what makes the multichain NFT development feature so versatile and powerful. The blockchain technology has revolutionized many aspects in today’s digital world, making transactions faster and more secure while also ensuring privacy for all parties involved – this is why it will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as well! The NFT Multichain platform can be used as a tool to serve all major blockchains and work on servicing other chains too. It’s more than just an app or software that actually creates space for multiple blockchain networks. To take advantage from these features we need a strong footing on one network or another which can serve us excellently. Below are some top of the top considerations with regard to major blockchain networks:


Ethereum is one of the primary and also the finest blockchain networks that have made a strong impact in the crypto industry. It is a popular blockchain network with more than 90% of blockchains around the world being built on Ethereum forked engines. Most of the developers and contributors choose to work with this platform because they can rely on its stability and reliability as well, which sets them apart from other competitors.  The Ethereum fork is undoubtedly the most dominating blockchain in the crypto space as it is highly stable and also the most dependable blockchain in the crypto space. It has its own exclusive smart contracts and token standards to promote the minting process of NFTs. This trusted community is well established and hence it leads to advancements in every possible way and contributions on this popular network continue to grow day after day.

Binance Smart Chain:

The Binance chain is an innovative dual architectured chain running parallel with Bitcoin that aims to improve on its predecessor’s weaknesses. This powerful tool helps in building NFTs, decentralized applications, and also executing smart contracts efficiently.  It is created to provide fast and scalable services for its users. The gas fees on this network are quite low, which makes it one of the most affordable blockchain networks in the crypto space where transactions can be processed quickly without any hassle or long wait times that often come with other blockchains.  The validators of BSC ensure security and stability thus facilitating legit transactions.


Polygon’s innovative blockchain protocol was designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that the number of transactions per second on their network remains high. It is not a separate blockchain but rather supplements and enhances Ethereum by allowing for thousands more transactions per second than current networks can process. It performs all necessary tasks that a blockchain does and still maintains low gas prices that anyone will be able to afford! All the decentralized apps as built on the Ethereum blockchain are supported by it as it serves as a layer-two protocol for them.


Solana is a revolutionary blockchain that provides full transparency in every transaction on their network and does not impinge upon basic functionality with hidden fees. With the ability to maintain ultrafast speeds for decentralized applications without interruption – this new cryptocurrency may just be what’s needed!  

Prolitus MultiChain NFT marketplace

Want to get multichain NFT marketplace support from the best blockchain developers? Contact our team of experts for assistance. We have experience developing the most primary blockchain networks in the crypto space! Prolitus is one of the leading development companies in the crypto space. Our team is empowered to build a multichain NFT marketplace on top-level networks and can help your business scale new heights! Fill out this form or chat with us about it if interested – we would love to explore possibilities together!

Our multichain NFT services also extend to provide post-deployment assistance in removing technical obstacles. Our skilled blockchain developers are available to help with the multichain NFT marketplace on the crypto sphere’s most primary and capable blockchain networks. Technical support also includes providing regular security updates and delivering enhancements at periodic intervals. Connect with our experts to get the best possible multichain NFT development support on the best blockchain technologies.

As the tokenization of items ranging from game assets, real estate, collectible art to other digital items becomes more popular, Prolitus believes that simple-to-use and trusted platforms will drive mass adoption. Multichain functionality is central in this space because it offers a future-proof solution for current issues found within NFTs today and much more!

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