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Acquisition of GrocerMax by Tata

The Tata group acquired GrocerMax, a Gurgaon based start-up, back in 2017. It operates as an online grocery shopping platform in India. The customers can place orders on the internet for grocery supplies and get the delivery at home. Since the Tata business is not spread across in the North of India, it has closed down the business of GrocerMax in Gurgaon. Instead, the company has spread it across major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. The company has set up a chain engaging with more than 150 farmers for local vegetable and fruit supplies.

Acquisition of GrocerMax

The company, GrocerMax, was set up by K Radhakrishnan and Gaurav Juneja in 2015. It was then operating as a hybrid platform with only 10% of available inventory and the rest sourced from provisional stores and supermarkets.

Prolitus Technologies, the company behind the online success of the platform

Prolitus Technologies gave the ERP solution for the online grocery portal. They led the start-up GrocerMax, at a giant platform through the creation of the web and mobile friendly eCommerce store. It created a robust backend ERP for complying with the diverse needs of the online grocery shopping. This basically supported the store in a number of operations from the front end to the back. For example, collecting orders from different channels, warehouse management, just in time procurement and last mile deliveries to the customers.

Prolitus Technologies is the company behind the success of the start-ups powerful build-up online. It supported the business with front-end mobile app, web store and a robust backend ERP solution. Unlike other big grocery portals, this start-up had a limited budget to get on to the online platform. Prolitus Technologies helped them comply with their requirements in limited budget availability still overcoming all major and minor challenges. It succeeded in the creation of both the front-end platforms and the backend support to ensure excellent customer experiences.

Competition in the Online Grocery Market

The two major players in online grocery business pertained were Big Basket and Grofers. However, Tata has given a big challenge to the operations of the two in major cities of India. Moreover, there are many more entrants this year such as Amazon, Flipkart who have come up in the rivalry.

The grocery section in the market holds 60% of the total industry business. Out of this measure, the online selling of the same pertained to be not more than 1%. However, in the near future, the market expects a high rise in the online selling percentage. It is predictable especially due to the introduction of all the top players in the online grocery market.

Final Words

GrocerMax has been a great support to the Trent Hypermarket business. Trent Hypermarket is an online platform that operates as the joint venture between Tesco, a British retailer and Tata. It is a popular top operating company in the heavy competition of the online Indian industry. Tata further plans to expand the business across India capturing maximum share in the online grocery business the market.

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