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Top White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

We live in the era of the bitcoin boom. Even in the most conservative countries, bitcoin and altcoins have an impact and will continue to grow. Gone are those days of misbelief when cryptocurrency was considered to be yet another fad. Ever-increasing rules and guidelines have been established to provide cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology more flexibility in their deployment and more room to grow. Irrespective of the volatility in major currencies and markets, the crypto space has been growing, providing a platform for digital currency enthusiasts with various opportunities to profit from their investments.

In the last few years, the number of transactions recorded by exchanges in cryptocurrencies has gone up drastically. The flexibility and user-friendly features provided by exchanges have been evolving, and further innovations will soon be expected. Earlier, there were only a few exchanges, but with the growth of Bitcoin and altcoins, there is huge competition in the crypto exchange space. 

There are two ways you can set up an exchange software: 1) Starting from scratch and 2) Buying a “white-label” cryptocurrency exchange solution.

What are white-label cryptocurrency exchange services?

A white label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-to-launch, feature-intensive, advanced, and secure cryptocurrency exchange with complete functionalities where anybody can buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrencies on the exchange in the form of fiat currency or cryptos. Using a ready-to-use white label cryptocurrency exchange service, aspiring entrepreneurs can launch their own cryptocurrency exchange in a matter of minutes with no back-breaking work. This type of software is usually encrypted with advanced security mechanisms in order to provide a hack-proof environment. A white label solution can be altered as per the company’s needs to run either a peer-to-peer crypto exchange, a peer-to-admin exchange, or a centralized exchange.

What are the top white-label software exchange solution services? 

The top services for white-label crypto exchanges are mentioned below.


The AlphaPoint Digital Asset Exchange, or APEX, is one of the leading software solutions for crypto exchanges. The APEX white label is built on a modular architecture that enables seamless integration with top banks and payment gateways. The design has an enterprise-ready technology that facilitates smooth and transparent interactions for maximized ROIs and liquidity reserves. The features that come with APEX white label solutions are:

  • A processing speed of over 1 million TPS supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, providing a broad reach for usage and significance. 
  • The built-in FX conversion features enable multi-currency conversion. It provides scalability, interoperability, and speed. 
  • Features like two-factor authentication, real-time error checking, and KYC help make the platform risk-free and safe to use.


ChainUp is one of the leading providers of white-label exchange solutions around the globe. ChainUp provides a full array of derivative management solutions backed by massive liquidity from over 300 exchanges. ChainUp incorporates a Software-as-a-Service business model, which makes it simple to install modules like Crypto to Crypto, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and User-to-Contract transactions.

  • ChainUp has an enormous and compatible memory that processes 50,000 TPS.
  • A built-in and algorithmically audited method enables the supply of secure, risk-analyzed, and crypto-based short- and medium-term loans. 
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)-based onboarding and strict compliance with regulations make it possible for online and offline transactions to be done safely with other parties.


Devexperts is an organization with 19 years of experience building cutting-edge financial market solutions. The company offers visually appealing and commercially lucrative solutions using a proprietary collection of components. A white label exchange solution is one of the many services provided. A number of benefits are available for the white-label exchange, such as:

  • The Devexperts exchange can process up to 5,00,000 TPS.
  • Traders have access to customer care that is available 24/7.
  • Traders can connect to trading programs and have access to historical and analytical data. 
  • The software watches transactions to look for signs of fraud, and it offers the highest level of protection to end users.


OpenDAX, or Open-Source Digital Assets Trading, is a hybrid program for developing a full-fledged exchange platform. Cryptocurrency software development organizations can use OpenDAX’s public and private libraries to create platforms for issuing and trading utility tokens and securities. 

  • OpenDAX is given full ownership rights, and legitimate commercial license holders can host the white-label exchange solution on their own servers.
  • OpenDAX is protected by strong risk control and management tools. It has features like Know Your Customer (KYC), accounting, order books, wallets, and connections to payment gateways.
  • Businesses can create their own UI using the proprietary Cryptobase Library or their own programming and use OpenDAX’s elegant and easy-to-use UI.


PayBito’s integrated White Label exchange solution is another global white-label favorite. The all-in-one solution is currently in use on five continents with great success. Listed below are some features included in the solution package: 

  • Multi-signature and multi-currency transactions based on SegWit at a high frequency. 
  • Customer verification using KYC and an efficient management system
  • Real-time dashboard with critical parameters PayBito’s user-friendly dashboard displays important data like fiat and crypto balances, the buy or sell prices, etc. In addition, there are trading options on the dashboard. There are features like tracking the success of a currency over the period of a week, month, or quarter.
  • Cryptocurrency liquidity interacts with various exchanges on a real-time basis. The Paybito platform also allows customization of the UI/UX for better wallet security, admin access interface, three-layer security, and database encryption.

When to opt for a White label Crypto Exchange?

It is best to build your exchange software from scratch if it’s a completely unique product that does not overlap with existing exchange-related features. White-label solutions are not appropriate for higher customization and complicated use cases like lending, borrowing, and derivatives. With this ready-to-use white label cryptocurrency exchange, aspiring entrepreneurs can launch their cryptocurrency exchange in a matter of minutes without having to spend a lot of time and money.

White-label exchange solutions may be ideal if you seek a cost-effective and hassle-free approach to entering the market. White-label solutions from reputable providers have been thoroughly evaluated which reduces the risks for your cryptocurrency software development company.

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